NIMROD GROUP is a relatively recent player in the aerospace industry, mostly recognized through its legacy business units, ESM and DETAMPEL, created in the 60s.

DETAMPEL specializes in complex sheet metal work with core competencies in exhaust nozzles and heat exchangers. ESM produces high-volume elementary and standard parts, mainly for Falcon, Rafale, and Airbus aircraft. Both ESM and DETAMPEL have received best supplier awards from, respectively, Dassault Aviation and Airbus Helicopters.

Building upon this solid technological expertise and unmatched performance, NIMROD GROUP has embarked into a strong growth strategy, respectful of environment concerns (ISO4001), which will make it clear the mid-cap company thresholds within the next 3 years:

  • In 2013, a 3rd business unit joined the group, AEROSET, spun off from ESM and specializing in component and structural assembly, while ESM keeps focusing on high-volume production of elementary and detail parts.
  • In 2014, the group added AEROLYCE, a green-field project specializing in surface treatment and painting.
  • In 2015, NIMROD GROUP acquired DJP, a company specializing in highly innovative composite technologies based on 3D-interlock braiding of composite fibers.
  • In 2016, the first Airbus A350 parts will be shipped from Poland by AZURA POLSKA, the latest business unit of NIMROD GROUP based in Poland and specializing in sheet metal work and component assembly.

NIMROD GROUP development is based on a two-fold industrial strategy:

  • Development, prototyping, and low rate initial production is to remain in its French facilities, close to its customers, its R&D offices and industrial centers of excellence. Highly automated production processes are developed in France to compensate the higher labor rates.
  • When the industrial process is mature, serial production is transferred to AZURA POLSKA in Poland for cost competitiveness, however the French sites maintain a second source capability to mitigate any risk.